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A snapshot of 4 reliable Mag locks. Click for more specs, features and product details
TRIMEC Z8 Mag lock

with Bond Sense and Reed

The EM600MR Electromagnets are ideal for applications from standard doors through to high use commercial swing doors. Operate with holding forces up to 580kg.

Trimec 770600112
FSH MEM2400LED-Z Slimline Mag Lock LED

MEM2400LED-Z Slimline Mag Lock LED, including L & Z

Are both magnetic and mechanical locks to achieve a superior holding force of up to 1000kg. The MEM2400LED-LZ is capable of opening with up to 70kg side pressure on the door.

FEM5000G Gate Lock

Weather Resistant Stainless Steel Gate Lock 630 kgs

FEM5000G has a holding force of up to 630kg and is IP67 weather resistant with a stainless steel body housing.

FSH VE1260S V Lock

V Lock with Square Face Plate

A motor driven lock that has up to 35kg pre-load/side load tolerance. It can be installed vertically in the door frame (lock style) or horizontally in the frame header

FSH VE 1260V Lock

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Easy Quote Planner

Safe time and stress with our Easy Quote Planner. Loaded with all our key products and with your latest custom pricing it's designed for you!
Simple, smart and easy!

Designed to help you save time and quote with confidence

Easy Quote Planner by AHS is specifically set up for Integrators, planners and customers regularly collating project quotes and orders!

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