Swimming Pool Security

Have you got direct access to your pool?

If you have direct access from your home to the pool you must have door closers fitted. We can assist you in considering the options to keep safe!

Their smart sleek design will look good in any home and without the need for masses of wiring their installation has minor impact.
Both sliding and swing door operators can be adapted to be operated by cards, tags, smartphone, sensors and more!
And they’ll close and lock automatically, meeting the pool rules and giving you the peace of mind you need!


Swing Door Operators

Designed for single swing doors


Sliding Door Operators

Designed for range of sliding doors

Door operator solutions

Our range designed for home, office and beyond...

Pool security for New Zealand homes

Swimming Pools and Spa pools must be secure and safe to prevent access to young children, unable to swim or stay safe around water.
Pool rules are strictly enforced and it is important to understand what your obligations are. Use the links below for NZ pool rules, then contact us for specific solutions especially when accessing from the home

Swimming Pool Standards NZ

Click on the following link for page where you can view or download the NZS8500-2006 document

NZ Legislation  


Useful guidelines from Auckland Council