Locks and Locks of change

Technology is driving change in access and security with smartphone, and bluetooth control offering some cool keyless options. Locks of course ensure your security, so while the key might disappear, the locking functions remain as secure as ever giving you peace of mind

Goldilocks, and locking options

Locks have been a big part of James Bull, and always will. James Bull Locksmiths, recent name change to James Bull : Access and Security reflects the big change to digital, electronic and key less locks and access solutions!

Dropbolts provide that portable external lock for gates, doors, sheds etc

Built tough to resist impact padlocks are now coming with bluetooth and keyless options. Check them out

Mag Locks

Known for being tougher to crack deadbolts are great for main access doors

A deadbolt will give you that extra level of security over a standard lock and will reduce the risk of access

Mortice Locks

While deadbolts secure most main doors, there are a range of other locks fit for purpose

Are you looking to secure your ranchslider, or a night latch... those extra security features to give you peace of mind

Electronic Locks

Keyless, card, pin or bluetooth options are fast providing a smarter solution

Being able to manage access remotely and forget about the hassle of keys is the go to solution for busy homes and offices

Less keys, more electronics

Some of the latest innovative solutions provide features you could only dream of before the advent of smart electronics and connectivity. Locks that not only look smart, but function smart, allowing you greater management of access and less stress in the process

Master Lock Padlock

Durable, Bluetooth Padlock for multi purpose use
These innovative locks link to smartphones and allow users to manage access to others thru an intuitive app. Let someone in once, or daily at 2pm... or give them free access.

Smart Air

Keyless, wireless door locking solution
Smart Air is one of the latest innovative solutions to managing access and security. Wireless and keyless and there is also a smartphone app option!

James Bull provides
Charity Hospital access

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Answering your big questions

While technology is ramping up and changes are big, don't tell me keys are dead!

Never before have the developments in technology been so rapid. While we live with that, as our phones control our heat pumps, and can respond to our commands, its hardly surprising that our phone will open doors! There are doors to the big unknown, but the vast number of them in our world have a…

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James Bull offer a complete service when it comes to anything to do with locks, keys, access and security. Whether you want something fixed or you to purchase a brand new item and need it fitted we can help.

Exceptional products

Check out some of the most effective locking products we highly recommend
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Helpful advice and assistance

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