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The AHS Team

At AHS we have backed our team to deliver since 1991. Of course not everyone is still with us, but we focus on giving you the personal advice and service that got us going back then.
Some of us a specialists, some all rounders, we hope you find the right person when you need that assistance. You'll never find a job we cannot tackle, a challenge we'll give up on.
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Access Control/Integration

AHS Security pride ourselves on providing the best advice for Access Control solutions, and integration. Our specialists can deliver quality products to suit your site needs.
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Hardware / Sales / Schedules

Quality, range and superior delivery time - AHS have what you need for your projects
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Installation Team

Our Petone team includes Andy - with years of experience as a locksmith, he is our very own installer of locks and security products
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Our Team

include specialist in Security, Integration, Joinery and Hardware
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Support team

need help with scheduling or finding the right product for the job. Just contact us and we are happy to help

Why work with us

AHS have most regions covered. With experience and capability we can take on any challenge when it comes to managing your hardware and security projects.

With the ability to manage a large government tendered development to a residential home, our dynamic teams scale to meet the need!


Being dynamic and proactive enables us to approach all projects looking to provide the best possible solution for you and your client


With over 20 years in the business we've seen the changes, and adeptly moved rapidly to stay ahead while retaining immense experience


Access to any product available at competitive pricing gives us a great edge when providing you with the best options to consider