Wireless and Wire less!

Discover the latest benefits of wireless connectivity and wire less installation. Save money and time while setting yourself up and making your job of managing access even easier!

With batteries getting smaller, and more powerful, the need to complex wiring is gone!

Multi access options

Utilise RFID card technology, or systems with bluetooth connectivity to manage with smartphone

Wireless access options can be managed with full range of communication systems including some that sync with Apple HomeKit and Google Home Hub

Simple fast installation

Save time and money with no wiring costs and easily fits to your existing doors

Save time and money with no wiring costs and easily retro fitted to your existing doors

Highly reliable power

With latest battery technology, performance is vastly better and batteries are lasting between a year and 5 years!

Batteries are smaller, stronger and last longer, and with the low power demand of wireless they will continue to get better.

Personalise users and their access

Manage individual users access times and locations from your PC

Enjoy the simplicity of any keyless system that enables customised real time control over access in and out of your location

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